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Even bad little birds want the freedom to be sad
I miss him… but still, I gave him everything, even my voice
And it didn’t reach him

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"I’m not Jewish, I’m not Arab. I’m not a Christian, I’m not a Muslim, I’m not a Buddhist, not a Druze or Circassian. I am not left and not right. I’m not religious, I’m not secular.

I do not want to see children kidnapped and murdered, I do not want to see children burned to death. I do not want to hear alarms. I do not want to see a rockets fired. I do not want to see rockets intercepted. I do not want to know that 14 years children live in fear on the South (of Israel) and do not want to know that children who sleep over rockets and their homes courses on them. Do not want to see soldiers fighting and sent to their deaths. Do not want to hear the word “Mokwamh” - resistance. Do not want to be sent to 22 Arab countries. Do not want to hear “I left my land because it’s changed it’s face”.

I am human, I am a citizen of the world and in my world children are not Shahids and soldiers are not dead.

I do want the “leaders” that we chose wake up in my world. I do want those who sit in meetings and make decisions to think for a moment what would happen if their sons were at the front of the war. I do want those who run this country, to stop talking just for another Like on facebook and stop being afraid to act because the option they won’t elected in the next election. I do want to ask the people who hiding in bunkers and read to their children explode with grenades to disappear from my world.

Yes I do want us to not agree with each other, but to know to listen to what we have not agreed. I do want to argue, but did not wish the death agony for all those who disagree with me. I do want that we all open our eyes from all of the rage and hatred that eats our everything that good.

I’m not a bleeding heart, and among the people I live.

Excuse me - and not cynically, I’m just tired. Tired of explaining that the world is not black and white, tired of seeing pictures and reading horror incitement. I’m tired of hearing promises not exist, tired of excuses and tired scared and cowardly.

Leaders always been said to don’t make peace with friends, peace making with enemies. So how did we all became enemies? How did we became our own enemies?
So on this occasion I would like to ask for forgiveness. I want to ask forgiveness from children who will be killed, from parents who will lose their their sons and daughters,  for my children that are still not here but probably will be come to a world that full of hate and self-loathing. And forgiveness to “my world”. Sorry world, that I can not turn you into a reality. Sorry.”

-Lucy Aharish

an Israeli Muslim news anchor\host, and one of my favorite people in the Israeli media.

Hamas Killed 160 Palestinian Children to Build Terror Tunnels

But Israel is not involved, so nobody cares…


Please, if you have 10 minutes to listen to this wonderful girl, do it,
I will appreciate it.

I always say I dont want to deal with political things because I dont like it and I have so many personal problems so I try to avoid it.
but these days, when you wake up in the morning and hear from the news another 10 soldiers were killed, and you hear the “tzeva adom “” alarm many times a day, and so many booms after it, when you hear in a town next to yours, where you family lives , houses were ruined because of the bombs,  you cant run away from this situation.

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realizing that the only country backing israel is actually germany



when my town was the only one not bombed last night



when im not sure if that’s a loud motorcycle or a siren



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Kurt Cobain, New York, NY, US, 07/24/93

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